The Baron Castle Hill ...and more

June 20, 2014 | 1 Comment

…. very cool cafe.

yesterday: I had planned to get there a little earlier than the last 30 minutes before closing… so didn’t have a lot of time.
There was a lot to sketch here… would love to come back for breakfast one day (though not on the weekend as it is packed!)

 I was playing with overlapping shapes and textures….

Today: Another tea sketch (without cake!) this time at Pablo and Rusty.….of course I could have had cake on the table and not drawn it? Do you think that is possible????
BTW this was done with my left hand but I am holding my pen/brush very loosely… practically with no pressure…

A combined left and right hand sketch… can’t really tell at times which was which…since I am holding pen and brush in the loosest possible way ….lots of fun!

Some of the texture in this sketch was caused my my sketchbook slipping out of my hand (which one?) and the other hand landing straight in wet paint… then a little finger painting started….

1 Comment

  • I suspect that is reclaimed wood on the back wall and I do love how you handled painting it, Liz. Gorgeous colors all around…I don't know how you do it! But then, that is why you are an artist and I am not.

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