TasTrip14: Launceston Architecture

June 18, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Going to be a little thematic now for a few posts…

Despite 4 previous visits to Tasmania, I really have only passed through Launceston. So it was very nice to have 6 nights there… and well, the architecture of this place is amazing!! I definitely need to have more time here.
First sketch was Chalmers Church! Then I tackled an ornate building on the corner of St Johns St and Brisbane St.

My reaction to the slow ink first sketch I had just finished was to go crazy and splash paint on the first for my next sketch. This sketch only took about 20 minutes – I was rushing as I had a newspaper interview and was doing my ‘just one more sketch’ trick once again.

I love the way that there are old warehouses a block away from the commercial district. The old Gasworks…sketch done before my lecture at School of Architecture UTAS. I would have really liked the time to have another go at this one since I didn’t achieve what I wanted.

Albert Hall – done in the fading light at the end of the day (after spending most of the day at the School of Architecture). I would have really liked the time to have another go at this one with more time….I was really working at an insane pace racing the fading light.

Oh – I had to do another one of Chalmers… oh ah! I love this building!

And finally (for this post) the wonderful Customs House – done in the fading light after a full day workshop at QVMAG Inveresk (more of that next post).

Do you get the picture that there are a lot of buildings in Launceston that I would love to sketch (warmer weather and longer days would help!!)

And just in case you missed a tea and cake sketch this post (and a soup of Tasmania!) here is the best (cafe) scones I had on the trip. At Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.
And a lovely soup at Inside Cafe Launceston.

My only non-essential art purchase this trip was a white tin at Birchalls. How restrained! (my other purchase was 3 x A4 old stock moleskines at Artery in Hobart… yes I have been a little greedy buying up the old stock!)

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