TasTrip14: From mountains to Coast

June 17, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Sadly didn’t get a chance to do a walk or really get into any wilderness this trip… hopefully next time I will be able to (some friends of mine have a plan – just hope it isn’t too serious a hike!! For those that are interested Jerusalem Walls was suggested)

But I started the day with my only cooked breakfast of the trip (thank you Teresa of Bonney’s Inn for looking after me and such a lovely time), a visit to a local art studio and talk about workshops… and a very social visit to Deloraine deli for a coffee. Hard to leave Deloraine… but I don’t mind… it is a lovely town!

Quamby Bluff and Mt Roland – two ‘mountains’ that I love! (although it was perfect weather for a visit to Cradle Mountain – what I had planned – I just didn’t have the time)

So ended up re-tracing my steps to Gowrie Park… ah! what a view!

Another comparison with last trip….

Then a visit to Sheffield in search of legendary pumpkin scones – but sadly the bakery has closed down. A sketch from a cafe while having my lunch (I don’t sketch every meal!)

Then had to rush north to hit the coast, check into my B&B, do a quick sketch and then head off to visit friends for dinner (about 30 minutes drive west)

Another great but crazy Liz-style travel sketching day!

And as for the pumpkin scones…

A little later in the trip… I was telling a friend about the bakery in Sheffield and when I wasn’t looking she managed to bake some for me (pumpkins grown by her sons as well!) How special!

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