Summer Break 2019-2020: Part 2

January 6, 2020 | 5 Comments

Just a quick update today to share my sketches from last week – the second half of my Summer Break. It hasn’t been a full break (I did a bit of work last week) but that’s fine as I feel quite refreshed!

It was a full week:

– my work included some blogposts here, a newsletter and some SketchingNow Buildings work (we’re working through the Intro Lessons at the moment)
– mid-week a friend unexpectedly came to stay for two nights (which was very nice!)
– during all the in-between times, I did some tidying and sorting in my home
– I also started the Sktchy 30 Faces 30 day challenge. My approach is to do the exercises in my usual ‘on location’ style – ink and watercolour in under 3 minutes.

I didn’t get a chance to go on any sketching outings so these pages mainly contain food sketches. I missed half of a day this week, but otherwise I’ve been able to stick with my Sketching Diet. It’s hard on occasions to make the effort to sketch (with paint) every meal but I’m committed to it for a month and in fact, I intend to continue doing it for a little longer. It’s much harder to sketch food when I’m out with a friend –  continuing the conversation, finding a spot for my sketching kit on a small cafe table and still enjoying the food while it is hot. Note: this last issue is essential… hmm, actually the first one is very important too! So I’m not always happy with the result, but I’m always very pleased that I made the effort. And I’m thankful for friends who understand my crazy behaviour!

And I’m still struggling with the Travelogue Watercolour Journal (Handbook). Although it’s a beautiful sketchbook. the paper doesn’t suit my very quick food sketches where I want to create texture in my first wash. Also the difference in the texture between the front and back sides of the paper is fairly significant and the rougher side is certainly harder for me to use. (See here and here for more about what I want from a sketchbook paper) 

Here are the pages:



There is no doubt that sketching food leads to very colourful sketchbook pages, hey?



  • Ann Greitzer says:

    Hi Liz, I noticed you have mentioned in the past that you want to incorporate more figures and faces in your sketches, and to improve those skills. And that often that gets overlooked and unintentionally forgotten with all of the amazing things you have got going on. And I think it is on your wish list to do more. I’ve been watching your portrait sketches when they do happen, and I have to say that wow! this latest batch here is showing great strides in your portrait skills!! I see a great improvement in your three-dimensionality. Definitely more facial “structure” and “volumes” which are fleshing out your portraits more than ever. Bravo Liz! Portraits are definitely difficult to master.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Ann – thank you so much for your comment!!!! It really means a lot to me.

      The last few images are ones that are done from photos as part of the sktchy 30 faces 30 days challenge. I have been plugging away at my people drawing skills for a long while… I’m still unhappy with the results on location, but I’m having fun at the moment with the sktchy ones.

  • Heather Austin says:

    I love these pages Liz. The layout of the pages and the way you capture your daily life… Just great. I should try including my coffee and food occasionally. The colour they add to what can sometimes be a boring day could just add the interest I’m after. Thanks Liz

  • Joanne Kalvaitis says:

    Hi Liz,

    Hate to bring this up on your blog, but here it is. I’m signed up and working on the “sketching now buildings course” and this morning the site won’t open for me. Just says “error.” I’ve tried getting at it through various means and servers, but the response is the same.

    We’ve had storms here in western Canada and I’m hoping that’s the issue and all will work eventually.

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