Sketching with Freddie from Georgia,USA

February 15, 2012 | Leave your thoughts


The first time an Urban Sketcher has visited Sydney (and made contact) – Freddie from Georgia came into town on the Queen Mary yesterday. Last night 7 of us from the Sydney Sketch Club meet up with her at the Opera House – we did some sketching till the sun went down and then went and had dinner. A great time and wonderful to meet Freddie – she was at both symposiums in Portland and Lisbon and we never met!

A sketch of the Opera House…of course. I was really in the mood for concentrating (after a frantic and stressful day at work) so I chickened out on doing the foreground.

An attempt at the beautiful pink fluffy clouds. Such a treat to see the blue sky this summer!

This is a quick sketch I did while waiting. Sitting in the middle of the Opera House steps with my head bobbing up and down was a good sign post!
I have added additional noise to these photos for privacy reasons (not very good photos but a great record)

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