PMQ22: Beach sketch collection

December 2, 2022 | 12 Comments

After sharing all my pages from my recent trip to Port Macquarie, I thought it would be fun to put my beach sketches together in the one article.

I’ve cropped them and done a quick photoshop edit to remove the gutter and then grouped them by beach. Not surprisingly Flynn’s Beach was the most sketched!

Every one of these sketches includes ink, coloured pencil, marker (GoldFaber Aqua) and watercolour. There is also a little bit of Staedtler White Lumocolor Permanent pencil and/or white gouache and/or white gel pen in most of them.


Nobby’s Beach


Flynn’s Beach


Shelly Beach

Town Beach

Ah! so nice to see them all together like that. Can you understand why I didn’t want to leave and return home?


  • Peggy Bowman says:

    Ah, Liz, these sketches are treasured memories for you. They awake my senses – I can see and hear the rhythm of the waves, feel the thrum as the waves beat onto the shore, taste the salt air, smell the brine. What a lovely place to lose yourself and cast off worries of the world!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kathryn McGuinness says:

    Wow Liz, These are so gorgeous! Every one of them touches my soul. I agree with Peggy, I can smell, feel and taste the salt air. So, So beautiful. I recently bought some Goldfaber Aqua markers being motivated by their colors and the way you use them in your work. I certainly can see why you didn’t want to leave but you did an outrageous amount of work.

  • Lisa Cruse says:

    Truly gorgeous! Each has its own atmospheric presentation. Love the pink tones included.

  • Helen says:

    Fabulous sketches – very evocative. Do you use a rough paper when doing rock and wave work?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Helen – these are all done n Alpha (smooth) paper. I use a waxy pencil to help with the texture for the waves.

  • Debbie Scott says:

    You have given me the confidence that my own little holiday sketches are ok. My husband loves them and I showed him this and he said so similar to yours so I am over the moon. It is the relaxed and natural response to your surroundings that makes a lovely little piece of art. Please keep inspiring us . Love your posts . Debbie from Devon. England.

  • Beth Robley says:

    Wonderful beach scenes, how you captured the waves is amazing, and the big jagged rocks are such a good contrast. I would love to see you paint these scenes and learn more about how to paint rolling waves and skies.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Beth – I have instructional videos on this topic inside my Watercolour On Location course (lesson 3) 🙂

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