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January 24, 2020 |

Since September 2007, I have gone on at least 1 big sketching trip per year.

When I travel, sketching is my main focus and I often travel alone or with sketching friends. My trips have typically had a major impact on the development of my work. I have a tradition of writing a Trip Reflection article at the end of a big sketching trip – see the collection here. And before I travel I often do a series of Trip Prep articles – thinking about art supplies, sketchbook strategies and other important considerations – see them all here.

A few other Travel Sketching articles:

Here is a summary of all my sketching trips in reverse order. It’s really interesting to see how much my work has changed over the years – so please scroll to the bottom to see some of the early trips.


2 weeks exploring Newcastle, Maitland and surrounds including lots of experiments combining coloured pencils and watercolour.

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During Sydney’s second lockdown I spent a two-week ‘staycation’ exploring my LGA.

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NSW/VIC/ACT  Road trip Apr-May 2021

An incredible 6-week road trip exploring western and south-western NSW, a little of VIC and a short visit to the ACT.

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Despite a worldwide lockdown I decided to go on my planned 11-week trip to Europe virtually: Italy (Rome, Umbria, Florence, Marostica, Vicenza, Venice), Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Belgium (Brussels), the Netherlands (Gouda), Scotland (Edinburgh, Lewis, Glasgow, Portsoy)

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EUROPE Apr-Jul 2019

14 weeks in Italy (Rome, Umbria, Marostica, Vicenza, Venice), Scotland (Edinburgh, Lewis), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona) and the Netherlands (Gouda and Amsterdam)

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3 weeks in USA (San Francisco, Bay Area, LA)

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EUROPE May-Jul 2018

11 weeks in Italy (Vicenza, Venice, Florence, Umbria), Scotland (Edinburgh, Lewis, Fife), Poland(Krakow) and Portugal (Porto, Lisbon)

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USA Sept 2017
3 weeks in USA (San Francisco, Bay Area, Austin, Dallas)

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3 weeks in USA (Chicago) and Canada (Montreal)

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EUROPE May-Jun 2017
3 weeks in Italy (Vicenza, Venice) and Scotland (Edinburgh, Lewis, Glasgow)

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2 weeks in New Zealand (South Island and Auckland)

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EUROPE Jun-July 2016
8 weeks in Italy (Milan, Vicenza, Venice and Lucca) and UK (Scotland and England)

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MELBOURNE March 2016
8Short visit to Melbourne to teach two workshops

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2 weeks on Norfolk Island

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ASIA July 2015
3 weeks in Singapore and Cambodia (Siem Reap)

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MELBOURNE April 2015
2 weeks in Melbourne hanging out with USKers

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TASMANIA February 2015
1-week visit to Launceston (to plan and a workshop) and Hobart

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I also returned later that year for a 3-day workshop in Launceston – view more here

BRAZIL August 2014
3 weeks in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Paraty and Rio) for Urban Sketchers Symposium

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TASMANIA June 2014
2 weeks in Tasmania – Hobart to Launceston including a number of workshops (Sao Paulo, Paraty and Rio) for Urban Sketchers Symposium

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ASIA December 2013
3 weeks in Malaysia (Penang) and Singapore

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MELBOURNE September 2013
Back in Melbourne for a few workshops

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EUROPE July 2013
4 weeks in Spain (Barcelona) and UK (Cardiff and London)

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MELBOURNE April 2013
Short visit to Melbourne VIC Australia

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2 weeks in Port Macquarie (NSW Australia)

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I’ve been back to Port Macquarie since 2013 – view all Port Macquarie sketches here.

SINGAPORE December 2012
2 weeks in Singapore

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3 weeks – Travelling to Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) and USA (New York City)

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EUROPE July 2011
3 weeks – Travelling throughout UK (Wales, England and Scotland) and Portugal (Lisbon)

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USA/EUROPE July-Oct 2010 (Long Service Leave trip)
11 weeks – Travelling throughout USA (Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, NYC), UK (Wales, England and Scotland) and Italy (Venice, Bolgona, Rome, Tuscany)

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EUROPE Sept 2009
5 weeks – Travelling throughout UK (Wales, England and Scotland) and France (Paris)

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TASMANIA (Australia) Sept 2008
1 week – Travelling throughout Tasmania on my own

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EUROPE Sept 2007
4 weeks – Scotland (Inverness), Norway (Kristiansand, Stavanger, Oslo), Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Florence, Rome), France (Paris)

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