Sketchcrawl 35 - Cockatoo Island and a 'certain' tearoom

April 21, 2012 | 2 Comments

Great sketchcrawl today with approx 30 sketchers at Cockatoo Island. I tried to take it easier (after last week!) so little sketching in the morning and then I had 2 hours at my favourite tearoom on the way home to finish my pages. Home before 5pm with no homework except scanning….
120421 Sketchcrawl35_05 Cockatoo Island Map

BTW sketched this from the guide – sketched while waiting for the ferry (so on location!!!) and colour added in T2

120421 Sketchcrawl35_01 Morning
120421 Sketchcrawl35_02 Ferry Ride
120421 Sketchcrawl35_03 Convict Grain Silos
120421 Sketchcrawl35_04 ANother Crane(s)
120421 Sketchcrawl35_06 Lunch to T2
120421 Sketchcrawl35_07 Afternoon Tea round 1
120421 Sketchcrawl35_08 Afternoon Tea round 2


  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks ethna – SO SO special to meet you. I am craving black pudding too!!!

  • Ethna says:

    Great post, Liz.
    Have long admired your work, so was really delighted to meet you and BB in person today.
    (And all that Scottish talk has me craving now for black pudding!)

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