Sketchcrawl 35 - Cockatoo Island and a 'certain' tearoom

April 21, 2012 | 2 Comments

Great sketchcrawl today with approx 30 sketchers at Cockatoo Island. I tried to take it easier (after last week!) so little sketching in the morning and then I had 2 hours at my favourite tearoom on the way home to finish my pages. Home before 5pm with no homework except scanning….
120421 Sketchcrawl35_05 Cockatoo Island Map

BTW sketched this from the guide – sketched while waiting for the ferry (so on location!!!) and colour added in T2

120421 Sketchcrawl35_01 Morning
120421 Sketchcrawl35_02 Ferry Ride
120421 Sketchcrawl35_03 Convict Grain Silos
120421 Sketchcrawl35_04 ANother Crane(s)
120421 Sketchcrawl35_06 Lunch to T2
120421 Sketchcrawl35_07 Afternoon Tea round 1
120421 Sketchcrawl35_08 Afternoon Tea round 2


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