Testing some colour mixes (from a favourite book)

April 23, 2012 | 1 Comment

A few colour studies that I did on Saturday evening – from a wonderful little book by Wilcox that I have had for years.
These are VERY rough thumbnails trying his mixes

I find that continual on-location sketching is great for developing eye-hand coordination, composition, ability to sketch more complex views and linework. I have found that my sketching has improved dramatically simply by the sheer amount of sketching I have done over the years. However, I think that with my paint I need to do more work at home in the studio… I feel like it is easy to get into a rut with the colours I use. So I am really determined to do more experimentation.

BTW, this post will most probably be it from me for a wee while (not anything to do with the paragraph above… But other reasons totally!) See you around…


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