Sketchbook Crisis

January 16, 2014 | 4 Comments

A working page…

doing this page was supposed to help me decide what to do but I am just as perplexed as to what sketchbook to use.
A number of tensions that I am trying to resolve:

  • Would love to use A4 moleskine but too heavy for daily use
  • Would love to Stillman & Birn A5 Beta but would go through it too quickly and would be too expensive an option in the long run
  • Other options are compromising my watercolour which I want to focus on…but at the same time I like recording my life. Really struggling with working across the spine in my alpha A5 books and not quite bonding with it like I used to  – the landscape version would give me more options…but don’t know how heavy it will be.
  • I really don’t like having two sketchbooks…

Oh! I think I am in a Post Trip Dip… it often happens in some shape and form I know what I am doing when I travel…. life seems much more complex when I am back home)

Well… choosing the ‘right’ sketchbook isn’t such a big issue – I should just pick one and go for it!


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