Time to change teapots

December 16, 2022 | 117 Comments

I’ve been using my dark green teapot for the last few months and working out which teacups from my extensive collection go with it. I didn’t expect to find so many matches – 26 in fact! But it’s now time to move on to another teapot.

My favourite combo with the green pot was with my Old Country Roses cup. So today I did this sketch to celebrate the end of this first phase of my teapot project.
Here is a single image showing all the cups I paired with my green teapot.

And here are the recent sketches from my Royal Albert 100 years set which complete this collection of 26 teacups.
1980s Holyrood – using some pastel pink and blue marker colours below my watercolour washes.

1940s English Chintz  – a quick watercolour sketch with a few marker lines over the top.

Second version of English Chintz – this time I added the pink ‘crackle’ background.

1920’s Spring Meadow – this cup didn’t actually really go with the dark green teapot but as I had gotten it out of the box I decided to use it anyway. So the greens in this sketch are a bit darker than they are in real life.

So what teapot will I choose next?

I want to switch from using a plain teapot that goes with lots of different teacups to one with a complex pattern that will only go with a few cups.

This will give me a chance to work out how to sketch the patterns of the teapots and also to have fun creating some totally eclectic mixing. 🙂



I have three teapots from the brand Tea & C’s that have very complex patterns:

A. Tea & C’s Silk Road Teapot – Colour Aqua (5oomL)

B. Tea & C’s Kasbah Teapot – Colour Rose (5oomL)

C. Tea & C’s Zanzibar Teapot (5oomL)

I would love to get some help in deciding which one to choose.

So if you have a spare moment, could you let me know in the comment section below your choice – A, B or C. This will also let me know that people are still reading and interested in my blogposts 🙂
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  • Lisa says:

    I like A, but I can only drink tea from a round shaped pot. Preferably made in England. Doesn’t have to be brown, but can’t be washed. 10 minutes steep time.
    I read your blog!!!! And enjoy and learn from it….

    • Patricia Barros says:

      I like A. I really enjoy your tea cup drawings. I find them so beautiful! Makes me want to drink more tea 🙂

  • Janet Turner says:

    Hi Liz – Teapot A – Silk Road – is a stand out favourite for me: the aqua, intense rose and gold colours are sumptuously, sparklingly, seasonally appropriate. So clean, bright and fresh!

  • Im unfamiliar with the brand of teapots, but A is the clear winner for me based on the lovely colors! What a fun project!

  • Florence Cymbalista says:

    I do read your blog! I like the color of C but agree that I prefer round teapits as well
    anyway they are all great and so are the sketches…

  • karen morris says:

    Love your blogs, Liz. I read every one. I love all your cups and pots but vote for cup A this time.

  • Liz says:

    Loving your teacups and tea pots. I’d love to see the chintzy eclectic clash you can get when using two patterns, so .I vote for A. I think the colours in that will give you more chances to tie in mire cups.

  • Fran says:

    Happy Holidays Liz

  • Gabrielle P says:

    Teapot A! It looks very intricate and challenging … but I know Liz that you will do it justice! Plus I love green and pink colours together!! I always read your blog and find your creativity inspirational.

  • Jenny Tymms says:

    choose C !

  • Tanja Blume says:

    It’ s C for me. I think because if its less traditional shape, it might make the paintings different to the ones before? I also live the colour combinations in the teapot?

  • Tanja Blume says:

    It’ s C for me. I think because if its less traditional shape, it might make the paintings different to the ones before? I also live the colour combinations in the teapot?

  • Jane Caddick says:

    I really love the colours on Teapot A. I enjoy your teacup and teapot sketches!

  • Karen Jackson says:

    Well before I read all of the comments I had chosen B because I love the pink. Now I feel bad because no one else voted for B, hahaha!
    But I agree with someone else that choosing A would probably give you more cups to coordinate.
    I love reading your blog when I get an email, I amongst all the mundane it’s a little bundle of joy! Thank you and happy sketching!

  • A wins for me and I’d stick in B for second place.

  • Barbara Kiester says:

    I choose B, I enjoy your Blog posts. Wishing you the very best.

  • Pam says:

    They’re all very busy, aren’t they…
    Since I’m not familiar with using a teapot, I’d use the one that would be easier for me to sketch, which is
    C. ?

  • Amelia says:

    Well I was leaning towards A but thought I would look them up online to help me decide and……A it is!

  • Margery Schib says:

    Prefer the colors and pattern of C (Zanzibar). However, as some of the other readers, I also prefer a round pot. I don’t drink tea and never put coffee in pots so had never thought about this before, but my preference for a round pot definitely exists. Nonetheless, I’ll be happily awaiting your renditions of your choice!

  • Lynley says:

    A colour is beautiful and summery but I also personally love B.

  • Linda Sharp says:


  • Karen Isenhower says:

    A for its cheerfulness. C for its blues, and B for its elegance. Hard decision, but A is my first choice. I read and enjoy and learn from every article. Thank you!

  • love your blog, Liz. I vote for teapot C because I love the blues!

  • Panaena says:

    My vote is for teapot A. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to seeing where your art takes you in 2023.

  • Jani H says:

    C. I like the name Zanzibar.

  • Sue Mildrum says:

    I love the color of A and am curious what you would pair with it.

  • Janet Bower says:

    I immediately went for “C” – the one which has the most royal blue, like my Aga, my blue Spode crockery and the sky on a sunny, uplifting day! Hope it goes with lots of your teacups – just like the sky goes with everything under it! ?????????????? etc.etc.!

  • Liz Mulligan-Ferry says:

    Teapot C is my vote! Love the blue color.

  • B or C, probably C. The blue caught my eye right off. Thank you. Enjoy your art and your writing. Happy Holidays.

  • Peggy Bowman says:

    A is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are color-deprived in Ohio winter, but I’m drawn to the elegance of B whose neutrals (?) and grande dame shape might support more of your tea cup collection? Whichever one you choose, you’ll bring out its character. I’ll look forward to seeing those sketches in future blog posts!

  • Monica says:

    A or C…..or course I read your blog

  • Pam Cunningham says:

    They are all pretty complex..but I think I would choose B

  • Barbara Libner says:

    It has to be A, because……turquoise will make you extra happy for this round, like a Christmas present to yourself. Also, I read your posts obsessively ?.

  • Marlies Zücker aus Deutschland says:

    Ich liebe die Farbkombi von A, doch auch das Blau von c. Und stimmt eine teekanne ist für eigentlich blau. Aber was soll es es ist ja auch Nur eine anerzogene Kultur.
    Und ich liebe deinen Blog. Ich lese ihn regelmäßig. Liebe Grüße aus dem momentan eisigen Deutschland. – 7 grad
    I love the color combo of A, but also the blue of c. And yes, a teapot is for actually straight. But what’s the point, it’s just an acquired culture.
    And i love your blog. I read it regularly. Greetings from the currently icy Germany. – 7 degrees
    Automatically translated, I hope it is understandable

  • Jan Kraus says:

    C is my favourite. I love its shape and colour. It’s the one I’d like to be using right this minute. Thank you for introducing me to this company. I’ll enjoy whichever one you start with. Based upon regularly reading your blog, I don’t expect you’ll stop with “just one”. LOL Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

  • Beverlee says:

    Love C — and your blog posts!

  • Liesa Miller says:

    I vote for C — I am interested to see what combinations you come up with that will work with it!

  • Cvitka Marun says:

    I find the colours of the Silk Road teapot really interesting. Reading your blog and loving your paintings of teacups and scenes from Australia.

  • Paula Pettis says:


  • Barbara Ross says:

    Looks like the pattern may be easier than others to render in various ways …?
    With best wishes for a joyful and healthy New Year.??

    • Barbara Ross says:

      whoops …. those question marks were emojis that didn’t come through … sorry
      Sincere best wishes.
      Christmas Tree. Christmas Tree. Smile.

  • Marjorie Webb says:

    My instinctive response is A. (As always , love your emails, blog posts, and all your work. ?

  • Mar Mac says:

    Good Morning!
    I first want to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and talent with us. Your teaching style is inviting and informative and yes, fun! I like all three teapots. If I had to pick, I would say A. It seems like it would be the most challenging to match or coordinate. I can’t wait to see wait transpires next! Thanks again for all that you do. I am
    enjoying all of the classes that I have taken. May you have a lifetime of joy creating and painting.

  • Lesley Dawe says:

    I love the blue of C and it has a manageable looking handle, whereas B has a fragile looking one which I know I would break! I like A too, but C is my favourite.

  • Harvey Karen says:

    I prefer B. Love your blog.

  • Beth says:

    I of course read your blog and agree with others that it’s a bright spot in my inbox! I have thoroughly enjoyed your teacup sketches and now look forward to the teapots. What a treat! My vote is for A because of the colors, but I love the shape of B. My teapots are round and I enjoy a daily brew of strong black tea. Merry Christmas from the East Coast of the US!

  • KD says:

    Liz, I read your blog always and have thoroughly enjoyed/learned from your online classes. I would choose teapot C simply because it’s a different shape from the green teapot and the teacups. Merry Christmas and Blessings from Above in the New Year!

  • Lin Frye says:

    I like the simpler “C” …. Thank you for your consistent blogging — it is so inspirational and helpe motivate me to get to my own sketchbook! THANK YOU!

  • Rosemary Gamblin says:

    I vote for A —the aqua and pink colors appeal to me.

  • Cathy Cooper-Weidner says:

    I vote for C. I love the color.

  • Arlene Walsh says:

    I love to see your teapots and beautiful cups. So inspiring. I vote B although I do like A too.

  • Marianne C. says:

    I vote for teapot C, because of its shape.
    I love your blog. In fact your blog is the start- up site when I launch my browser.

  • Debra Verwey says:

    I love teapot C, the blue one with splashes of contrasting orange. Please choose that one.

  • Jacklyn(Susie) Booker says:

    I love your blogs. They are quite enjoyable. They so inspire me.
    I found it difficult to pick one since I like them all. However I choose B. It is so elegant!
    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  • Senta says:

    Thank you for your blog, and it is A for me! Love the turquoise and roses!

  • Cathleen Schwartz says:

    Liz, I LOVE reading your blog and seeing what you are painting and doing in your life. I feel like you are in my kitchen with me and your energy and creativity inspire me. Please keep sharing. As for which teapot, my goodness, just start with one and eventually you will get to them all. But I am slightly partial to turquoise… my favorite color.

  • Roberta Thomas says:

    I like C, always love blue and white China. The others are beautiful but very busy. That’s why your green teapot worked so well combined with patterned teacups, a wonderful backdrop.I find your blogs very interesting!

  • Pam Malone says:

    I’m leaning towards C but I think they are all attractive and will look good paired with some of your tea cups.
    Good luck deciding!

  • Patricia Wafer says:

    Love the color of A but also prefer the shape of C. I am recovering from a 9 day stay in hospital with pneumonia. Been home a week and I am back in the studio today at least for a few hours. Your blog is always gives me ideas for things to try with watercolor, etc. I only follow a very few blogs and yours is one of them and one of the best!!

  • Claire says:

    Looks like A is winning- and it gets my vote too! I do read your blog – daily so don’t stop!

  • Sandra Reel says:

    My vote is C. I thought it was a lavender pattern until I read the previous comments. Now my brain is seeing the blue. Go figure. I still stick with C. Round shape is easer to draw and easier to clean, as someone mentioned. So if you are going to be drinking many tea times and drawing multiple cups that coordinate, go easy on yourself this time around, Liz.

  • Jean McCarron says:

    Always read and love your newsletters and blog…. My choice of teapot is C. I am seeing I am not voting with the crowd!

  • Karen says:

    I vote for C. I love the relative simplicity of the design and think it will lend itself to more teacup matching opportunities.

  • Charisse Cox says:

    My vote is for C. I look forward to receiving your blog posts Liz; I’m always getting new ideas from them. Thanks.

  • Michelle Watson says:

    I’m going with A as I love the aqua colour and think it will offer a challenge not only with the complex design but also colour matching. I look forward to your blog posts Liz. I make a cup of tea in my Gran’s old Royal Doulton teapot from the 1930’s and have a cuppa while I read your posts. Always such a lovely time for me to read about what you have been up to and also get inspired. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog posts ??

  • Carrie Williams says:

    I love your generous blog posts and read them first thing. You have absolutely carried me through the pandemic with your endless energy. C.

  • deb says:

    I vote C – less traditional

  • Carole Kokinis says:

    Definitely B for me and I read all your posts, don’t stop. Have a restful and peaceful Christmas.

  • Bonni Yordi says:

    B for me. I’m curious about the cups you will select to go with this one and the different ways you will paint the intricate shapes on this teapot.
    I learn so much from your wonderful classes and reading your blogs. Thank you.

  • Jeanette Susanne says:

    I like C

  • Kathy Prondzinski says:


  • Annie Ferguson says:

    A because I love the colours in this teapot.

  • Signe Thorsen says:

    Hi Liz, I’m going for C first. All three look like fun. I read your blog all the time, but almost never comment. This will remind you that I’m reading and enjoying all your posts. Happy Holidays!

  • Beverley Clark White says:

    Liz, I really like A and B, but the C pot is also beautiful…..either A or B

  • Alma George says:

    I read your blog daily while drinking my stove top espresso poured into a small blue/brown hand made pottery cup with a rough matte finish- so unlike your lovely china/porcelin teacups. Yes, I’ve sketched it several times.

    I vote for A because – I love ornate Far East patterns and I admire the shape of this pot. (They are all quite attractive.)

    And I’m eager to see which cups harmonize with A.

    I definitely enjoy all of your posts.

  • Karen Fulner says:

    I like C. Love reading your blogs and seeing all your sketches.

  • Jeri Jessuo says:

    How fun to read through everyone’s favorites. My choice is B for its elegance and uniqueness. Very pretty. But it certainly looks like A is the winner. They’re all very lovely. Enjoy your blog and your art!

  • Rosemary Machen says:

    Hi Liz. I agree with Jeri Jessup’s comments as my choice is also B for the same reasons. However it does appear A is coming out the winner. Whichever choice you make, I know we will all enjoy your drawings of it and your teacups.

  • Susan says:

    My vote is for “C”. Looks like it could be an interesting challenge. Although they all could be. Thanks so much for all your interesting emails. Love what you do and the fact that you share it.

  • Karen Heimann says:

    The colours speak to me for teapot A! I only found your blog a week or so ago and am really enjoying it. Thank you for sharing so much with us all. Happy Christmas!

  • Teapot B for me. This is going to be quite a contrast to the solid green teapot challenge. Looking for the sketches to follow. ?

  • Rohit Kulkarni says:

    : D

  • June Fritz says:

    I choose C. The shape is interesting and I love the blue color. This is fun, seeing everyone else’s voices and justifications. Thanks!

  • Gary Scott says:

    I can’t see myself using A or B. They are too garish for my tastes so I vote for C.

  • Martine says:

    I prefer A, love the colours!

  • Robyn Johnson says:

    I would choose the “A” teapot just because it made me smile when I saw it. Aqua is such a cheery color. I really look forward to seeing your tea pot and tea cups sketches – they are so lovely! I wish you would seriously consider making a 12-month calendar with your tea cups and tea pots. I would so enjoy seeing your beautiful work every month. Best wishes…from a tea-drinking, old-soul fan out in the cactus-laden Arizona desert.

  • Cathy Drake says:

    Love all three, but “A” is just so intriguing.

  • Elaine mcgann says:

    Liz. You use all your God-given talents. Teaching sharing. Being creative in so many ways. Read all your blogs. I m not on instant gram. Wish i could see all those pics too. You cheer me through your use of color. You bring delight and joy. I cannot choose just one of any of your work. Blessings

  • David Campbell says:

    I love the colors in teapot C (and as a resident of Chicago I get to vote 3 times)
    Merry Christmas!

  • Cathryn Allan says:

    Hello Liz! ?
    Gosh, what wonderful teapots, but as soon as I saw it, I knew A was going to get my vote.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    See you next year


  • Rika says:

    I would like to see how you come along with teapot A.

  • Cathryn Allan says:

    Hello Liz! ?
    Gosh, what wonderful teapots, but as soon as I saw it, I knew A was going to get my vote.
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    See you next year


  • B looks colorful and challenging! You painted it beautifully. It might coordinate with many of your cups.
    Thank you for writing and sharing your blog. I enjoy reading them and learn from them, too.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Liz!

  • Kathryn McGuinness says:

    Hi Liz,
    I vote for A. I love the color’s especially the aqua. I’m loving this project and seeing so many of your tea cups and pots.I love reading your blog and I’m constantly amazed at the amount of beautiful work you produce.

  • Jamie C says:

    I’m loving A to start with, but I’ve definitely been in a teal phase lately! I read every post, but I should probably comment even when I’m reading a month later!

    • Jamie C says:

      I was gifted an Advent tea calendar and after seeing your beautiful tea pot project, I’ve now bought myself a new tea pot (or two!) because they do look so sketchable!

  • Deb Riggins says:

    I love your teapot sketches. I always say I’m going to pull mine out and sketch but I never seem to get around to it. I vote for C.

    Have a wonderful holiday Liz and to everyone else here!!

  • Mary says:

    A for its beautiful bright colours. B runs a close second for its underaged elegance.

  • Wendy Rusceak says:

    I’m smiling back at Pot “A”. You have really grown in your sketchbook design spread layouts over following your blog posts for many years and seeing this improvement. It’s very inspiring and gives me reasons to set new goals for myself and keep practicing. I’m really liking those GoldFaber Aqua markers on your pages as well. Looking forward to reviewing the sketchbook design course again with you in January. Merry Christmas!

  • Jackie Zydeck says:

    I vote for C! I love the colors of that pot.

  • Kimberly Egeland says:

    I love both A and C but am leaning toward C. ?

  • Jackie Pellow says:

    Liz, this is so fun! I choose C. just because….shape, colors, just for fun! Whatever is chosen will be the BEST! Thanks for asking, Jackie.

  • Adele Billaney says:

    My vote is for A. I love your work & look forward to your emails. You are the urban sketcher who inspires me the most. My husband has bought me your book for Christmas. Can’t wait to open it!!!

  • Patricia Robinson says:

    A, I think the colours are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing many tea pot sketches, whichever is chosen! And the tea cups? Nothing to paint when there’s a tea cup? Every time I feel I can’t find anything to paint I think of you and your teacups! Happy Christmas, God bless you!

  • Linda Hackett says:

    A gets my vote! Thank you for all you do and I see from all the responses your blog is safe!
    Happy Christmas and see you in the new year

  • Barbara L Stumpf says:

    I love your posts, Liz, and read them all. Thank you for your generous sharing of information and insights and for your free and easy spirit. I vote for C. Not sure why — maybe because the color of tea would complement it?

  • Virginia Rothstein says:

    All are beautiful, but I am drawn to both the blue and to the straight vertical line of C as a bit of variety. You are a great mentor and wonderful companion, especially during Covid. Thank you so much.

  • Bentley says:

    Teapot ‘A’ – Great combination of colors. And I truly enjoy your insights, tips and creative enthusiasm!

  • Deanna Glendenning says:

    I vote for B!

  • Georgy Evans says:

    They’re all pretty but I’d vote for C though I think that’s because it looks sturdier! I’d be nervous about the delicate looking spouts on A and B, though I appreciate they might be better for painting. Thank you, Liz – your blog articles and videos are so inspirational.

  • Sarah Bedichek says:

    I lean toward C. And thank you for your blog posts! Best wishes for the New Year.

  • I have teapot A in scarlet red. It was given to me and initially I thought, too bold, I’m not a red girl, but is has really surprisied me. It goes with everything and always without fail gets a drool of love when friends drop by! I’m not sure how to attach pic so I hope this works!??…. Teapot, with an antique crystal milk jug, a lovely forest green flowered t&c cup, and an Allesi tray dug up from the ‘good cupboard’, and the lovely eclectic tea tray comes to bed with me each morning before I face the day!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks for sharing Caroline. I had my eye on that red version as well. My teapot A goes with lots of different cups in my collection

      • It’s a real surprise colour, goes with my delicate blues and pinks, as well as stronger designs. I don’t think I’ve had a clash so it’s my permanent teapot, and it holds a lot!
        I’m think of doing some teacups etc on full or half sheets, have you tried larger scale? ?

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