From Bondi to Mosman

January 16, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Here are the pages in my daily sketchbook from yesterday – and out and about day. I am currently using the Stillman & Birn Gamma book that we were given at the BCN symposium. I haven’t liked the cream colour paper previously- preferring the lovely white of the alpha as my standard daily book  – so it is good to mix it up and use something different.

I am using my daily sketchbook a lot more looser these days –  a lot more experiments and often unfinished pages and less of a showcase sketchbook than it used to be. Some pages are a little rough (for me) but here is the full set from yesterday…
This is my second attempt at Bondi Beach yesterday….

I was meeting someone- arrived 15 minutes early – so of course I had to sketch. I am testing different approaches for sketching in this type of situation. This was using my sailor pen with a grey brush pen for tones. I love using colour but I think it is better to stick to line or tone when time is limited so I don’t rush it!

My first version of Bondi sketched from the cafe where I was having lunch. My sailor pen was a bit heavy going and I used a bit too much perylene green (an old favourite colour that has snuck back into my palette!) I then walked over closer to the beach for the second sketch (above)

Next stop Mosman – 30 minutes parking, a chore and then a very quick cafe visit. The Source, Mosman – very nice! More teacraft tea – the better cafes these days are now supplying teacraft rather than T2 tea. I am very happy with that. Loved the red pot.

The cafe view was another experiment – didn’t quite work at the way I was intending…. but more ideas and considering I was only in the cafe for 25 minutes in total am pleased with what I achieved and enjoy my tea! There is no merit in working this fast…but sometimes it is fun to test new times in a limited time frame.

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