Singapore Trip - Chrstmas Eve

January 9, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

04 Mo24_01 Colonial Architecture

I had a 1.5 hours before meeting Paul, Parka and Si-Y and so I went into crazy mode to try to get myself in the groove (I have not been able to do a sketchathon for many many months…and didn’t feel like my sketching reflex was in gear yet) The two buildings I was very keen to sketch are under extensive renovations so I sketched the cricket club instead. Apart from the obvious missing of my family by being away on my own over Christmas – I also miss the cricket!?! (tragic I know!…but I can live without it)… the Boxing Day test in Melbourne and the Sydney New Years test are part of summer for me! So it was nice to have a cricket club to sketch.

04 Mo24_02 SCC Boat Quay

In order to get myself ‘in the groove’ (I will be doing a special post on this in the next week or so!) I did an ‘easy’ sketch…sitting straight on to the entrance façade of the Cricket Club… but that seemed to require more effort than I was up to. Do I have time for one more crazy sketch? Yes!!! So this next one of Boat Quay was done very quickly and loosely… ah! I enjoyed doing that!!

04 Mo24_03 True Blue

Lovely lunch with Paul, Parka and Si-Y at the fancy True Blue Peranaken Restaurant. This is one of Paul’s favourite place to sketch and he has been doing some TOTALLY amazing work there in recent time here
True Blue 12
I wasn’t feeling great but still I sketched!!! Whats new! Disappointed I didn’t to get to sketch any of the crazy Peranaken porcelain…next time? I did enjoy seeing Paul, Parka and Si-Y sketch. Tia popped in towards the end. I love this interactive sketching community in Singapore – people around all the time.

04 Mo24_04 Kampong Glam

Next Paul, Parka and I went to Kampong Glam area and met up with Marvin… very excited to meet him and see his amazing watercolours in real life. The recent downpour was still hanging around so we tried to find a coffee shop with cover and view (have I mentioned that there are coffee shops/food places everywhere in Singapore?) and managed to find somewhere that would do.
I tried Parka’s hero pen (you are not really one of the USKSG group unless you have one of these… I was on the hunt for a lightweight skinny version)
And then it was time for my first shop house sketch. BTW a corny song from the 70s made me choke a little and think of my sister (something that drawing a cricket club will never do!?!) Over did the shadows… but all those colours were fun!

04 Mo24_05 Hotel view

Quiet Christmas Eve, sketching the view from my hotel. (when I travel I have big days and early and quiet night… don’t really care whether it is a normal Monday night or Xmas eve…it is always good to chill and get ready for the next days adventures!)

03 LD23_01 Notes and Breakfast
Sunday is my day off sketching and my day of worship. I was very very happy to send the day with a great local church and met lots of very lovely people. I decorated the page afterwards with motifs from my hotel room (and got a little carried away!)
A quick breakfast sketch… Monday (Day 3) it was time for my usual ‘start of trip’ headache… this day was one of those days when I want to sketch but my head tries to stop me… however I keep going(within reason) and rely on my reflexes, hoping that the creative buzz will keep me going!

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