Singapore 2015 Sketchbook part 4: Post Symposium Days

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Following on from my posts:
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It is now time to share the last batch of sketches these come from the Sunday, Monday morning immediately after the symposium and then Sunday- Tuesday evening a week later after my Cambodian trip.

After all the crazy social big group days of the symposium, I needed to take it a little quieter so my remaining days were spent with only a handful of sketchers with minimal social coordination (this was a major component of what I seem to do on the lead up to the symposium). I had planned to catch up with as many of the SG USKers as I could on my return, but I was just too exhausted to organise anything. So a huge apology for not getting in touch with everyone that I wanted to. Will have to see you all next visit to Singapore.

I also had two truly wonderful Sundays with my friends at a local church… really felt such of part of their community and felt really blessed to have such a wonderful place to worship over my three weekends. I really felt spiritually refreshed and feed during my stay.

So these pages contain
– a lovely calm paced but colourful morning with Nina Johansson in Chinatown
– lots of food sketches on my return visit (some of them are not chronologically recorded… food and drink on every page!)
– a wet morning in the Art Deco suburb of Tiong Bahru
– a few final art store visits and purchases (smile! I was so restrained until the last few days!) BTW the White Nights kit is in exchange for a review so stay tuned for that!
– final few shophouse sketches – colourful ones in Little India and upmarket ones in Emerald Hill Road
– nearly 5 hours of tea drinking with my wonderful tea friend Melanie and the owner of the teahouse. This is SO what I needed… time to chill and drink tea. Such a perfect way to end my crazy trip! Thank you so much Melanie!




 This might have to be one of my all time favourite photos of me sketching. Thanks Melanie!

And then it was time to head to the airport… Eve very kindly came with me for one final meal together and then it was time to leave.

Once again, what an amazing visit to Singapore!

 And finally I have to finish with these photos of one of my three tastings of Durian. I am increasingly enjoying my small servings of Durian, but I don’t think I will ever LOVE it. And just for the record what I am holding is all that I ate. The locals had the rest!

Hold on, there is one more photo to share…just because it is so crazy. My two favourite Singapore desserts – Chendol (what Paul is holding) and Mango Strawberry Snow Ice (chosen to sketch though it tastes very nice as well!) Yum!

Missing all the good food and colour right now that I am back home!

Ok! now you have seen all my Singapore sketches. So after a few days break I will be ready to share my work from 4 days of sketching in Siem Reap Cambodia.


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