My Edges course is coming soon!

August 14, 2015 | 1 Comment

Just taking a break from the mega scanning and posting tasks from my recent trip to remind you all that my new SketchingNow course EDGES is just over 2 weeks away… what! that close? Yes!

UPDATE: Edges is no available as a self-directed course.

Here is the video with an overview of what we will be looking at.

It contains all new lessons, building on the foundations of my Foundations course (pardon the pun!) looking at a range of concepts and techniques for seeing and then prioritizing different edge conditions.

There is a lot of content specifically designed for working in ink and watercolour wash, regardless of whether you want to work carefully with a lot of detail or more loosely.
So many of us sketch with ink and wash and there hasn’t been a lot of material available on the subject. This course summarises a lot of the concepts I have explored over the years as I work with my ink pen and watercolour. As much as I love painting, it is combining strong ink lines with the fluidly of watercolour that I get most excited about – edges and shapes together and how the two interact!

I will be explaining some more advanced ideas like lost and found edges – one of my latest obsessions, particularly when I draw teacups! On the left is the first cuppa sketch back home which is a good example of how I am playing with edges and shapes all the time. And it is quite different from some of my others approaches such as those contained in this yellow teacup collection. But in every case I was thinking about edges as I worked.

I was using a lot of these concepts in my work on my recent SE Asia trip which I also want to share with you in Edges… so the content and examples in this course will be hot off the press (or scanner in this case!) It is very exciting to be able to share some thoughts behind my most recent work in this course (one of the advantages of putting it all together just before or during the course!)
Note: this is not a technique class on ‘how to paint in watercolour’ or a ‘how to draw X,Y or Z’ but I am hoping that the concepts we will be looking at will have widespread application to your own work.
Anyway, I hope to share some more previews of the course in the next few weeks before the course starts.

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