Quinacridone Gold and Green Gold

May 22, 2024 | 4 Comments

  My teacup sketches are all about experimentation, and yesterday, I deliberately encouraged a massive Quin Gold explosion as I worked wet-on-wet. I’m using the original Daniel Smith Quin Gold, but other brands would behave in a similar way (see my article about other versions/brands here).

Last week, I ‘discovered’ a new watercolour pencil colour – Green Gold 268 in the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer range – and it’s perfect for gold edging on teacups.

Here is a ‘constructed’ teacup sketch that I decided to leave without the pattern. I look forward to discussing Theory 2: Teacups and Watercolours during tomorrow’s Teacups Live Version Livestream.


Last week, I did a fun demo of a new blue floral cup that I had recently acquired. The watercolour pencil under the watercolour washes creates some lovely effects.

If you purchased Teacups last year, you can watch this demo even if you are not part of the Live Version – simply head over to the Teacups classroom (via My Account/My Courses at Sketchingnow.com) and watch the livestream replay in Section 1.10.



  • Jamie C says:

    Green gold watercolor pencil is such a great sketching tool! It’s my favorite as a base layer for most subjects, and doesn’t generally argue with most colors, just adds a lovely warm glow.

  • Jo C. says:

    Nice! I’ll give it a go. Being unable to resist metallic colours, I bought the 3 metallic Albrecht Dürer pencils (gold, silver and copper) and they don’t behave like the non-metallic colours at all, to the extent that you wouldn’t think they were the same brand. They are scratchy with not much pigment and almost nothing happens when you add water. Green Gold looks like a better option and I could use it for other things like sandstone.

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