Printer Painting

February 27, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

I just always have to urge to play with paint.

A few new brushes in recent months and having my all my paints on display is part of the motivation. My paint storage unit is SO amazing… I discovered that I had way more paint than I ever imagined and I am starting to use it up. I am also using freshly squeezed tube paint and I can’t tell you how much nice that is than working with dried or even moist paint in pans.

But some days I have my head full of other things that I can’t think of a subject to use so I can move some pigment around on the page…then suddenly I remember that anything will do!

So this sketch of my new HP laser printer (still trying to work out the colour settings) …a black printer sitting on a black filing cabinet (how exciting). This sketch is all about playing with sodalite and lunar black with a bit of blue…and thinking to myself how much pigment can I put on the page at the one time… I then felt the urge for a patch of yellow and reached for the “random yellow paint” peg in my paint cabinet… and came across a half tube of WN Cad Yellow. I never use Cads as they don’t mix well and don’t like opacity in general. But there is no doubt it is a stunning colour… and opaque splashes are pretty special too.

One very exciting thing about this page is that there was NO ink movement at all when I put the paint over my text -this is something that I could never do with noodlers as the top layer of ink always smudged – oh! I LOVE the De Atramentis Ink! Total Fan!

Earlier in the day I went to dispose of the orange locking piece from the printer and decided it was very drawable as a warmup for my day…. just some paint and lines on the page (the horizontal line connects the page with the garbage bins from yesterday)

There is no doubt that ‘everyday matters’ make great subjects for adventures with paint… and seem to be something that I can rave about as well (without even talking about the features of my new printer!) ….ok, back to work! What randomness will I use tomorrow?

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