My recent Cuppa experiments....

February 28, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

I just realised today that I never scanned my first home tea cup of the year… done a few days after my return from Singapore… and well, I am pretty happy this sketch. Painting first and a few lines later… what more can I say…

I have been continuing to experiment using the tried and true subject of a cup and saucer in the past few weeks.

Here is another version painting first and then only a little ink lines later.

Was extremely excited by this version of the yellow cup. I have drawn this cup so many times but this one is VERY different! No idea exactly what I did… but I can confirm that I was in a state of play when I did it.

This one is a little inky… but I was testing out the De Atramentis ink in my sailor pen and drawing into the water paint…

I have been trying to achieve some softer greys in recent time… using Cerulean blue a lot now. Also I was working very quickly and wet with this one. A softer look.


Warming up for some illustration work…. not sure that I have to warmup to do a tea cup sketch, I know. I was also using some different colours.
And finally… totally different!?!…
I have been watching some Charles Reid DVDs lately and they always inspire me to test something out… so what better thing to do after 10pm at night as I am about to take my cup out to the kitchen to wash up….but a another version of that pink cup.
This current sketchbook of mine has WAY more cuppa sketches than normal (and that is saying something) … I start every day with writing a few verses from what I read (I am reading through the whole bible in a year this year for those of you that are interested) and then at some point during the day I drag myself away from my work to have a short break, and a cuppa… and well the sketch just seems to happen. Having this subject matter that is easily tackled in the time it takes me to drink my pot of tea means that I always can sneak a sketch in…
But I hope that you can see that I am not doing the same old thing… even though the subject matter IS!


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