Trip2012: My symposium sketchbook in full

August 15, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Here is Volume 2 – my symposium sketchbook which also includes the day before and the Monday afterward.

A few general comments

1. I am really quite amazed at how many sketches I actually did considering that this year I was one of the instructors and the humidity was so draining. As a result most of the sketches during the symposium days which were done outside the workshops were true ‘reflex sketching’.

2. It was such an amazing experience to take one of the workshops this year and just an honour to teach alongside Frank Ching. I loved every moment!!! I found it a much richer experience as I was part of nearly 45 people’s work rather than being totally focused on my own sketching. and was so inspired by the work of our amazing participants…BTW if you did our workshop can you please add a comment with a link to your sketches.

3. I am rather excited by my ‘working’ pages from the workshops. I used my sketchbook to explain concepts as I was talking to different people. I think and explain with my pen a lot especially at work… in fact, these are one of the first times I have done ‘work design-type sketches’ in my sketchbook. This is in a way, the traditional way to use a sketchbook as a working book for another work. By changing the pen as I talked to different people, without really designing my page, I have ended up with pages that I really like. I can remember many of the people I did these sketches for.

4. Perhaps the most significant feeling I have towards this sketchbook is that it is deficient in describing the most important aspect of my time in Santo Domingo… And that is the local people!!! I have never been to a place where the locals were so friendly and never experienced such interactive sketching!! Although the people I spoke to are embedded for me in the sketches that I was doing at the time, I am sad that I didn’t specifically sketch any locals! I know I know, I always say I need to sketch people more, and in previous symposiums have felt the pressure to sketch the sketchers… But somehow not recording the people of Santo Domingo is a bigger deal. Ok… I really have to do something about it this time!

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