Trip 2011: My Lisbon Sketchbook in full

August 30, 2011 | 4 Comments

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Ok… here it is… my Lisbon Sketchbook in full!

My main aim in my travel sketchbooks is NOT to produce perfect sketch after perfect sketch but to tell the story of my adventures and capture ‘the moment’ which (somewhat tragically!?! )is resulting in me trying to sketch everything I do!

A few thoughts…
– I hardly need to say that the Urban Sketchers Symposium was AMAZING! It was an overwhelming 3 days of inspiration and meeting other wonderful artists, talking non stop (for me!) and trying to sketch non stop… as such I am somewhat amazed at the amount of sketching that I was able to do
– A little ambitious was my intention to make sure that I recorded every days event with a map… non of these for my stay in Lisbon got done at the time so this has generated quite a lot of work since I have got home.
– I wanted to include more collage in my sketchbook and did manage to achieve it this trip. I did find that it was always better to stick down the item before I started sketching – hence I got into some strange habits such as ripping up the placemat before the meal arrived.
– The collage/map/as-many-notes-as-possible approach this year was somewhat experimental and I think that some pages (in particular my opening spread for each day) are too crowded…so my conclusion is that to add maps and collage I should leave MORE white space as I am sketching through the day… leaving an entire spread for the map would have been better.
Trip 2011 Volume 2 Lisbon COMBO
Here is every page in a single image too – if you prefer to look at that- click to go to flickr to view larger.


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