Trip 2011: Belem Day with Marc Taro Holmes

August 29, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

12_Mon25 01 Summary

My final day in Lisbon….
partial map of my exciting last day.
The small sketch is a delightful tea cosy – present from Cathy Gatland… thank you Cathy I love it and am putting it to use – will sketch how when I get a moment….
Also… Sunday was my usual day off sketching and I caught a ferry to Seixal to go to a great local church… I will include these pages in the Issuu edition that I will shortly make of my Lisbon sketchbook
12_Mon25 02 Totally out of control before breakfast
Totally out of control before breakfast….
read the text to find out how I managed to get out of control with sketch buzz before 8am! The coffee and sugar might have contributed but I think the fun of sketching standing up at the counter and then rushing an architecture sketch were the main reasons!
12_Mon25 03 Belem with the Holmes
Belem with the Holmes…..amazing day with Marc Holmes and his wife Laurel at Belem… home to a number of must-see’s (must-see equals must-sketch)
I actually did this sketch of the doorway after the following one of the main facade… it was a very hot day so sketching in the sun had to be quick!!!
12_Mon25 04 Jerónimos Monastery
This was number 1 must sketch ….Jerónimos Monastery. Amazing architecture. Sadly it was closed on Monday…but we didn’t have time to go inside … have to leave it for next visit!
12_Mon25 05 Pasteis de Belem
Pasteis de Belem – This was number 2 must sketch… the original and best Portuguese tarts…need I say more. Pity the tea was only Liptons and no earl grey (of course I should have had coffee but I was afraid of the impact that another coffee would do to an already over stimulated Liz!)
12_Mon25 06 Torre de Belem
Torre de Belem
This was the third must sketch… very difficult conditions to paint in… I have never experienced watercolour behaving like this before. Hot day!
12_Mon25 07 Final Belem Sketch
Final Belem Sketch
One more sketch – a quick sketch….
Thanks to discussion with Marc, I was really beginning to see and understand the amazing light and warm reflections from the pavement… but I just didn’t know how to get this effect with my watercolour. Couldn’t get the sky either….
time to catch the tram back to Lisbon…I was flying out that evening.
12_Mon25 08 Final Lisbon Sketch - The CLASSIC view
Final Lisbon Sketch – The CLASSIC view
I turned down the offer for a nice cup of day at that great tearoom I visited on day 1 for one more sketch…. I can drink tea anytime but to stand on Elevator de Santa Justa in roaring winds was something that I could only do then….
Quite crazy really but I LOVE extreme sketching….
12_Mon25 09 Final FINAL Lisbon Sketch - Rossie Square
Final FINAL Lisbon Sketch – Rossie Square
Really wanted to do the view of Rossio square AS WELL… Marc was doing such a great job of it…. SO… I had to scribble and splash something out… I think you can see the ‘out of control-ness’ in my linework.
Within 15 minutes of finishing this sketch I was in a taxi on the way to the airport…
12_Mon25 10 From Lisbon to Cardiff via Bristol
??From Lisbon to Cardiff via Bristol(I arrived in Cardiff at 2.30am…friends picked me up from Bristol at 1am!)
still sketching at the airport and on the plane.

I just realised that as I had a portuguese tart for breakfast, 2 at Belem (even though I didn’t draw both of them) and then this one… I had FOUR in one day! Oh Liz!

On that note…I sadly complete my Lisbon sketches….

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