Lets Start at the very beginning....

August 30, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

BEFORE the beginning of my trip. Can you remember back to the crazy days of my trip prep book?

Well even CRAZIER than that (which had a very practical purpose) was the idea I had of starting my trip sketchbook 4 days before I left…in order to get into the swing of the format of the book and to carry part of my life with me overseas. Well those two aspects were nice…but it was rather silly to put the pressure on myself to do maps and record my days just before I went away.

I can’t believe I did it to myself. But…now I feel that the record of these days are VERY special indeed. Here they are in ‘combo’ form!

The other thing that is quite fun is how you can make a normal day into an adventure if you are imaginative enough!…but of course these days were just not any old normal day for me….

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