Melbourne Trip 2016 Part 1: A Teaser

March 14, 2016 | Leave your thoughts


There is always a backlog of scans to do when you get back from a trip – even when you were ‘hardly’ sketching because it was a ‘work trip’.

Most of my readers will know that my work = sketching and when I say hardly sketching it is always more than I think!

Anyway, here is one sketch I did during the week of St Paul’s cathedral from Federation Square. It was done very quickly,  in my usual approach these days: big shapes in paint first and then a few lines over the top. It was a hot day but my only chance to sketch a big view like this.

I have a big book deadline today so don’t have time for the blog post that I had (rather unrealistically) planned, but I am loving the new blog so much that I just had to squeeze something in – didn’t I?

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