My Architect's Handwriting!

February 23, 2016 | 4 Comments

I get asked ALL the time for something about my handwriting. And I keep saying, “yes! I know, its on my to do list!” I have plans to do a video but right at the moment that isn’t an option. But after a request on Instagram this morning for just an alphabet, I did one today instead of a quick sketch. I hope that you can understand my hand written notes.

I had a brace on my hand at the time so it isn’t my most neat and well formed lettering. But… in fact that makes this is a perfect example of my normal handwriting – some of my letters are  often a bit squashed but if my verticals are consistent its all ok.

The heart of the matter is illustrated by the way I form my capital “E”. And just for the record, I write and sketch in a similar way – rapid strokes and repetitive patterns.

For more about the fude nib used for headings – check out this post from my Fountain Pen series. The one I used was my Green 55 degree Sailor.

This image is just a teaser for proper explanation in a few months time – ‘how to write like an architect’ –  I promise!!!



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