Manly architecture

April 25, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

There are lots of lovely buildings to sketch in Manly … I am not up on every nuance of architectural styles in Australia but there is a great range in Manly and a lot of variety in scale as well. There are some lovely tiny cottages and terrace houses as well as new big modern high rise apartments… here are some houses that are across the road from Erin Hill’s studio – lovely view from the nearby bus stop bench.
I am really looking forward to sharing LOTS of tips and tricks for sketching buildings during my upcoming sketching classes- and Manly is a great suburb to provide us lots of interesting subjects. Although I normally try to establish a very basic perspective setup I didn’t bother this time….it was just drawing the shapes of the roofs as I saw them.

Also want to remind you all that my classes are available on a casual basis per week – so if you can’t make it for the full 8 weeks we would still love to see you any Wednesday morning that you are free. Email me at lizsteel {at} gmail {dot} com for more details.

For those not in Sydney – why not consider a last minute quick trip to Sydney during May or June and join the class for the week that you are in town??? 

Manly does make a great place to stay if visiting Sydney (some lovely B&Bs in the area) or if staying in the city the ferry ride across to Manly is spectacular.

I am also offering private sketching lessons which will be available on Thursday or Friday during May and June. This would be a great way to have an intensive session, tailored to exactly your needs, and catch up on what has been covered in the other weeks of the class. I also offer ‘travel sketching’ private classes. If you are a ‘tourist’ to Sydney, I can show you the sights and share many tips for travel sketching. I will be posting more details on my blog very soon!

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