Magenta SOH

October 12, 2022 | 8 Comments

I’ve sketched the SOH (Sydney Opera House) many times and so it’s always a fun subject to experiment on. See here, here and here.

The other day was grey and drab so I thought I’d do a crazy colourful version mixing marker (GoldFaber Aqua – my new fad) and watercolour. And the colour I chose was Magenta Bright (hmm, is this similar to the fabric used in the seats in the concert hall???)

I started with marker, then added ink (with my fude) and finally a few washes of watercolour.

Here is the marker stage. I’m not exactly sure how long this sketch took, but from the time stamps on my photos, it took me only five minutes from this step to completion. And that included getting my paints out and chatting with a man who sat down beside me. So it was clearly a sub-10-minute sketch.

Here is a close-up.

That magenta ink really went wild, didn’t it? So much fun!


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