Loose lines but tight hand

September 30, 2013 | 2 Comments

Today I told my physio my left hand was a bit sore and she felt it in horror…. “Just a little bit too tight! ” (this is an understatement!)

I hold my pen very loosely and draw loose lines…but sadly my muscles are tight! This might explain why I am so sensitive to weight and thickness of pen!

So this page which is a recording page not a sketch (ie. I traced my hand to be accurate!) to record the current extent that my thumb can naturally stretch – pretty pathetic really.
 Lots of hand exercises coming up! My instructions… 
“don’t stretch your thumb back till after you have warmed up for the day” 
which of course in Liz-speak means:
” stretch after your first sketch for the day!”
 It is not too serious but is related to shoulder tension which is something we are working on at the moment.
The funny thing is that I haven’t been sketching as much lately….


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