Cardiff sketchbook: notes and watersoluble pens

September 28, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Back to scanning from my July trip…

After 2 weeks in BCN I went to Cardiff, Wales UK for another conference. This time a church conference running for 5 days… being surrounded by very very special friends. (2 years ago I did a similar thing) It was a really special week – focusing on the things that are most dear to me (which is NOT sketching!) Read the notes to find out more!

I was determined
1. to take good notes of all the address/sermons
2. work out a system for incorporating images and large slabs of text.

So this year I tried to do my sketches ahead of the notes – ie. I purposely did sketches as page illustrations and then wrote notes later. This meant that there is a mixed up chronology between images and text (done on different days) but surprisingly I don’t mind that at all!

The afternoons were free time and I mostly wandered off, needing all little time for myself. My sketching wasn’t the focus of the week, or even these afternoon sessions…so the standard tea and architecture theme appears quite strongly. I was using sketching as processing time so it was a bit of comfort sketching (and the occasional pure risk taking experiment!)

I was very happy with the way these pages turned out – it is a completely different thing to have a sketchbook full of text like this! I must admit that I often had to guess how much space the sermon notes would take up and had to start taking less notes in the second half to fit the space (that is just fine, because the important part is actually listening and being moved at the time not the notes!)

And sometimes pages I intended to write notes on, ended up with generous white space… ah! I love filling travel sketchbooks!


Two photos of me at the conference… one with my sketches of the church and the other…oh dear! I thought I was behaving myself in Cardiff but obviously not – getting excited and drinking tea!

And here is a photo taken inside the church during one of the sessions. You can see me taking notes in the largest church notebook ever and with sheets of paper hiding my sketches. I often sat next to people who I hadn’t met before so I was trying to hide the fact that I was taking notes in an A4 landscape watercolour sketchbook!

The rest of the pages…

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