Looking at a Gaudi creation

May 11, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

More BCN warmup – finally I tackle a Gaudi. I am doing this little series in the hope that it might help some people going to BCN who might be a little overwhelmed by the architecture – actually I think we will ALL be overwhelmed by it. But maybe working out my approach will be useful for others. it is also getting me in the mood.

When I came across a photo of this structure I immediately wanted to sketch it but it was a very complicated structure and covered in mosaics- so I just spent time looking first. The important thing that I was looking for was the underlying structure – ie. I was trying to ignore the tiles and look at the 3D form. Once I could see this, I then started looking at the mosaics and worked out where the full rectangular tiles and where the broken tiles  (trencadis) are. It was all very logical and geometric as the rectangular tiles followed the edges of the structure.  Totally easy to draw now – right? Well, maybe not easy but a lot more manageable and I was happy because I now UNDERSTAND it! The resultant sketch is less important to me as I am now satisfied with my discovery.

So, this was no different from any building that I attempt to draw – I study the overall 3D form/ structure first and then look at the decoration. What will be challenging in BCN is the fact that the decoration which we can often see up close and feel can easily distract us when we try to sketch at a larger scale. The best thing might be to do 2 sketches – the overall and then the detail. Try not to get distracted or overwhelmed by the detail when drawing the overall – so my explorations are trying to find ways at hinting at the richness of the decoration. Today I used a small flat brush. I am also thinking about watercolour pencils…. but whatever approach I use, I assure you that I will not have the patience to draw every tile and brick-like some other USKers do.

Earlier in the Day….
Having a BCN day – a morning reading out in the sun…and I am just about to start some sewing (once again I leave it till autumn/winter and a period when I was very busy to sew my summer dresses)
BTW this atlas looks like a very good overview of history and architecture and the Gaudi biography (which I bought 10 years ago and never got into at the time) it a great read.

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