Thinking about dresses and pigments

May 11, 2013 | 2 Comments

Of course I can’t have a sewing day (or a few sewing hours) without doing a sewing sketch – can I? Once again I am leaving it to the weather gets cooler before I start sewing. Last years dresses that I made for Santo Domingo were not very successful – I have definitely refined the model. The navy polka dot dress I hurriedly made for SG at Xmas time is close to the ultimate sketching outfit but unhappy with the make… so today I started another one. Of course once I get the sewing machine working (and the overlocker/serger threaded- this is the big issue) I start making big plans and exploring options. ‘Need’ another travel skirt(with secret pocket) as well. The big question is whether my purple dress will make it to a 4th symposium in a row!!!

And while I am seeming to be obsessed with pigments… on Thursday a lovely little package arrived from Georgia Mansur (australian artist) whose Daniel Smith palette has just been released. So of course I asked for a dot card didn’t I? – it came with some extra goodies as well. THere are a lot of amazing paints in the Daniel Smith range… including some of these! AND I naughtily bought a tube of Moonglow in honour of my friend Charlene the other week – so when Georgia suggested that she wish it was in her palette, I decided it was time to confess about that extravagant purchase! I really am aiming to only buy things that I normally use!


  • Beth says:

    Enjoying your blog a lot – I was planning to sew today but drew instead – must get to it soon as the weather here in Montreal has finally turned warm at last! Best of luck with your projects!

  • Liz it is wonderful to see you using my Georgia Mansur Palette and enjoying them so much in new and creative ways~ Daniel Smith Paints are incredibly vibrant and juicy which translates into a lot of colourful FUN !!! ~ Enjoy and best wishes with the new sewing projects and paintings! cheers, Georgia

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