Last week in my Zeta book

August 11, 2014 | 4 Comments


This week life is crazy (with sketchbook skool commitments and trying to get everything done before I head off to Brazil for the USK symposium later next week ) but I still want to keep posting here as well… so here are a few photos of my sketchbook from last week. I will try to find time to scan and post later in the week.

I am enjoying the Zeta book more than I expected and although I don’t normally like spiral bound books, the Stillman and Birn books are so sturdy and well made that it is nice to use. I love the book sitting flat. The small size is a constraint but fun. (and btw the blue on this page seems to have gone a little wild on the web… a lot more subtle in real life!)

Just a reminder – this is not my normal book – I am using it as a fill-in for 2-3 weeks before I go to Brazil. For details on my normal sketchbooks please check out this page.


  • Especially love the windows in the first piece, the teacup opposite and the yellow teapot. Absolutely wonderful sketches as always, Liz.

  • CharlieAmra says:

    I really love the still life of the pear. I like how you layer color upon color to achieve a convincing 3-D effect without the colors turning to randomness and mud. It makes for an interesting composition.

  • Margarita says:

    They are all really adorable, Liz. Nevertheless I always have my favorites. In this case I debate myself between, the subtlety of the colors of the first one and the force overflowing of those of the third drawing.


  • Caroline says:

    Crazy as you may be with SBS, all that planning really paid off. The klass is exceptionally effective — even the tour through your sketchbooks was helpful. Plus the dress looks great! Lovely fabric.

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