A coalport cup

August 12, 2014 | 6 Comments

A little teacup sketch just for me…
I am doing special notated teacup sketches for my Sketchbook Skool gang (wave to all of you…your work this week is totally blowing me away!)..but I just need a little time out for myself.

That means sitting down with a nice pot of taylors earl grey and a special cup (not one of my everyday ones)

This was a birthday gift from a friend and is a Coalport (a good label!) I painted this is quite a different way to the standard… well after I painted the tea first… I did the shade areas to define the form and then the details.

The full spread. I didn’t get to sketch for myself yesterday… but today I drew a simple outline of Madagascar to fill in Monday’s blank. I met a lovely family from that amazing country at church on Sunday and the safest place to keep the card is in my book. I love the logo- the world globe with Madagascar at the centre.


  • Julie Bloch says:

    Fabulous cup! Liz, thanks so much for sharing your work and insights into your art. You mentioned filling in Monday's blank. Do you do a sketch everyday in your book?

  • JOAN says:

    I have to wonder how you keep up with the deluge of questions and postings to SBS. I'm one of the students and have been avidly reading everything you post on the SBS and your blog. You may be blown away with the student sketches, but I do believe you have equally blown us away with your superb insights and way of teaching. I'm delighted I signed up for this semester & for your class.

  • Liz Steel says:

    yes- I try to sketch 6 days – sunday is my day of rest.
    Monday I had written my text but didn't have time to sketch.
    Of course I sketch fast and am also working as a full time artist – so this little time max 30minutes is actually part of my work day!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thank you Joan… I am loving it but it is very overwhelming. I just want to spend all day on it and it is HARD very hard to focus on other stuff – and I have a lot of it. SO a little time out to focus is a real necessity!

  • Liz Steel says:

    PS I don't watch ANY TV

  • Love both pages and the uniqueness of the Madagascar page is wonderful!!

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