• Alissa Duke says:

    a picture is worth a thousand words … and so is a sketch. Thanks for sharing the excitement f the day

  • Wow, Liz!! Look at that turnout! Those are all people who signed up for Sketchbook Skool and live near enough to meet with you in person? Amazing! I was just looking at some teacups Suzy Powell did from your Sketchbook Skool teachings and her work came out so bright and sharp with a touch of a geometric element to them. So wish I'd have been able to do the skool…maybe next year??

  • Bev Scott says:

    Many thanks, Liz, for arranging such an enjoyable day sketching for us Sketchbook Skoolers. I got a lot out of it, including the confidence to sketch in public places!

  • Loani Prior says:

    What a fab thing to do, paint at tea. Well done you.

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