Cuppa Tea Time: Working through my teacup collection

January 7, 2016 | 12 Comments

Due to my new commitment to regular posting, I owe you an extra one this week as I mistakenly posted twice yesterday… no surprises with what I chose to share – hey?

I have been so busy wrapping up last year, reflecting on my first three years of my grand adventure, and trying to work out how I am going to coordinate 7 big projects in 2016 (this is one of them), that I haven’t had a chance to decide whether I am going to set any specific art goals for this year. (Of course I just committed to locking in my palette, but that is simply a 3 month challenge.) But as soon as I began writing about this teacup sketch, I decided to start sketching my way through my collection this year and see how long I can go without doing the same cup twice. This is the 1970’s Poppy cup in the Royal Albert 100 Years 10 cup set that I have. It is probably the ‘weakest’ design in the whole set, but I still like it.

My Instagram description at the time I sketched it was:
First day I have missed my cafe planning session & morning latte due to the torrential rain here in Sydney. So I sat in a nice cozy spot at home and drew my cuppa before doing my planning for the day. Much prettier but I miss the cafe buzz. It is SO nice to see some sun again here in Sydney today and hope all my readers are safe from all the floods here in Australia and other places at the moment.

If you are wondering about what I used for the lines in this sketch, stay tuned for tomorrow’s  post where I will start a new series – Foundations Friday – and explain what and why!

Just one final quick note:
Thank you all so much for your comments on my post about Blogging earlier this week. It has been unbelievably exciting to be getting so many comments lately and I feel much more connected with you all. Rather than feeling like I am talking to myself, I am now really conscious that I am having a ‘chat and cuppa’ with many of you each day!

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