First spreads in a huge sketchbook

November 3, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

The first two spreads in my new sketchbook (A4 size moleskine) This format is HUGE compared to what I am used to and has a number of challenges and some great opportunities. These pages are a great experiment- not really 100% happy with either….but seeing what I want to do.

I am VERY worried about the increased weight of this book and intend only have it in my bag when I intend to sketch (but have smaller sketchbook/paper at the other times and then collage any spur of the moment sketches in. I am thinking about using this book for my Christmas?new Year vacation this year for something different. Surprisingly the size of the sketchbook did not seem to bother me that much today.

This morning, Spread 1- great discovery of a cool ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shop in Mosman, Penny Royal (hi to any staff member that checks out my blog!!!!)- I have to go back to try their coffee(such it is highly rated!!!) and do a ‘proper’ sketch- I was in a rush today.

This afternoon, Spread 2 – first Australian bush sketch in a very very long time, tried to do it too large without doing a thumbnail first and had three goes at it (therefore over worked and patchy)…but I was at a very special birthday party and just sneaked off to a nearby rock close to the gathering spot just before cake time…so the interruptions and not convenient but not particularly inspiring view contribute to the result… Do feel like having another attempt next week from my reference photo.

Happier with the tree trunks on the right end of the spread… but the thing about these large spreads is that you have to live with it as a whole!… if you haven’t noticed I am still in the mood for challenging myself and trying new things (still trying to get used to my new palette as well!!!)

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