Friday night sketching - just for fun (are you kidding?)

August 31, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

After all the amazing weather we have been having lately it was a shock to the system to be freezing cold (speaking like a Sydneysider) and wet this evening….

Just when a few of us decided to meet at Luna Park for an hour or so of sketching. Thankfully we were able to kinda shelter in the ferry wharf and have some light as well.

Night sketching is not something that I do regularly so a nice challenge….and the paper in my Canson Universal Art book is holding up very well considering it is only 96gsm. But my hands were going numb while I was doing this…feeling me with admiration of those who go out sketching in truly    cold winter weather.

It was very nice to meet Nono – it is a real privilege to have a member from the amazing Malaga Urban Sketchers group with us for a year! Welcome Nono! 

I was very impressed that the others all stuck with it as well, Meegan, David, Chris.

Thanks all for a crazy hour of sketching!!!

Please excuse the terrible photos… my hands very shaking!

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