Markering at T2

September 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

Had heaps of fun marker-ing at T2 today!!! A little hard to achieve some colours in my current collection…

I am getting hooked on this medium…but of course there is no way it will supersede watercolour.

I felt a little like a kid with my coloured ‘textas’ colouring in at a cafe! My friend had fun trying out my markers as well!

I feel like I am trying too many things at the moment and my brain is exploding with stuff and ideas… I am trying to make my blog/flickr/fb more interesting by explaining (in my rambling, typo riddled way) some of these explorations and I just want to thank everyone that have left comments in the last week or so… it is really very stimulating and motivational to get the feedback like thatand I am trying to respond when I can to create a little more interaction.


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