Down the drive (and more)

October 23, 2013 | 1 Comment

I love the way sketching the same thing brings back memories!

This evening I felt like splashing some green paint (blue and yellow paint not tube green paint!) around so sat down at the window that looks down the drive. As soon as I started sketching I realised that this had special meaning… that it was the scene I sketched on or around the time of Black Saturday- terrible bushfire tragedy in Victoria in 2009. Very topical at the moment since we are in the middle of a bushfire crisis here in NSW.


I looked up my sketchbooks from Feb 2009 and discovered that I drew my backyard view on Black Saturday 7 Feb but only a few days earlier in a similar very hot windy summers day with grave bushfire threat in the country I did sketch the view. Here are the two of them… quite a change in my work since then hey?

Oh… I accidentally scanned my page with my grid line page still behind the page… so I thought I would leave it as it is. Having guidelines under your writing was the number one rule when I had to learn my architect handwriting at university…but I am not sure I was using them today (need more ink in my pen too!)

and while on the subject of handwriting, I was given my year 7 home science recipe book by my mum recently so I thought I would share…my ‘neat’ writing was something I had to learn!

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