My lamy pen collection (plus a ring-in!)

October 24, 2013 | 8 Comments

Starting from the top

Lamy Safari
Lamy Vista (a clear plastic version of the safari)
Lamy Joy AL – soft black lacquer finish and aluminum cap
Lamy Joy
Lamy Joy White

And Kaweco Sport (just for fun- love this tiny pen!)

Ok… now for some comments on the Lamy pens….
– All have convertors in them so I can fill up with my own ink. (You have to buy this separately)
– Black ink – Noodlers bulletproof black ink…I rarely have any problems with it.
– Nibs – all have extra fine nibs. The black nibs are reportedly better than the silver (I have not had a problem with any of my silver ones but when I have had a choice have asked for black)
– The Lamy Joy AL has a GOLD nib… yes! The nib is worth more than the pen. This pen stays at home.

Why the Joy?
– There is NO difference between any of those lamy pens in terms of performance… the reason I use the Joy pens are because I love,  absolutely LOVE the balance of the longer tail. The lid does fit on the end of the pen but I never put it on when using since if changes the balance and weight of the pen in my hand…and surprisingly have ever lost the lid!
– I love the name ‘joy’ … just expresses my feeling when I have the pen in my hand!
– The Joy pen is Lamy’s calligraphy model so normally comes with a calligraphy nib…so you have to either buy your pen at a pen shop where they can replace the calligraphy with an EF or buy an extra EF nib.
– I prefer the black or white Joy to the AL version as they are a fraction lighter.
– Sadly the black Joy is not available in Australia as a single pen (only in a calligraphy set) – I lost my black joy last year and got this replacement one in Cardiff July 2013.

What else do you want to know?
(about the Lamy’s that is…. I am not going to start talking about the Kaweco!?


  • Stan Kramer says:

    Do you only use Noodler's Black? Is it water resistant? I use Noodler's Lexington Gray to draw with because it is.

    Thanks for your blog – very inspiring.

  • Liz Steel says:

    Hi Cristian. Go to my current sketching tools page for more details

  • Hi Liz! What other inks do you recommend to work with watercolor paints?

  • Thanks Liz! I've just reviewed that section. Very informative, thanks. What's your opinion on the Lamy bottled inks? And the Parker ones? Here in Argentina there's no way of buying De Atramentis or the others you've mentioned in that post. Thanks in advance for your kind reply!

  • Liz Steel says:

    They are the only inks that I know of that are suitable for fountain pens and dry permanent for watercolor over the top. Lamy Parker and other fountain pen inks are all water soluble and will wash away with water!!!
    Noodlers. De A. Platinum carbon and super 5 are the only four inks I know of.

  • Thanks Liz. I'll try to find one of the suggested brands from some friends who live abroad. Have a nice week!

  • Beverly Clark White says:

    Liz, does the Lamy with the gold nib a special nib, I can’t find a gold lamy nib on the goulet website???

    • Liz Steel says:

      Beverly – I am not sure the gold nib is available in the US – best contact Goulet since I am an Australian artist and don’t know for sure what is available in US stores.

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