My lamy pen collection (plus a ring-in!)

October 24, 2013 | 8 Comments

Starting from the top

Lamy Safari
Lamy Vista (a clear plastic version of the safari)
Lamy Joy AL – soft black lacquer finish and aluminum cap
Lamy Joy
Lamy Joy White

And Kaweco Sport (just for fun- love this tiny pen!)

Ok… now for some comments on the Lamy pens….
– All have convertors in them so I can fill up with my own ink. (You have to buy this separately)
– Black ink – Noodlers bulletproof black ink…I rarely have any problems with it.
– Nibs – all have extra fine nibs. The black nibs are reportedly better than the silver (I have not had a problem with any of my silver ones but when I have had a choice have asked for black)
– The Lamy Joy AL has a GOLD nib… yes! The nib is worth more than the pen. This pen stays at home.

Why the Joy?
– There is NO difference between any of those lamy pens in terms of performance… the reason I use the Joy pens are because I love,  absolutely LOVE the balance of the longer tail. The lid does fit on the end of the pen but I never put it on when using since if changes the balance and weight of the pen in my hand…and surprisingly have ever lost the lid!
– I love the name ‘joy’ … just expresses my feeling when I have the pen in my hand!
– The Joy pen is Lamy’s calligraphy model so normally comes with a calligraphy nib…so you have to either buy your pen at a pen shop where they can replace the calligraphy with an EF or buy an extra EF nib.
– I prefer the black or white Joy to the AL version as they are a fraction lighter.
– Sadly the black Joy is not available in Australia as a single pen (only in a calligraphy set) – I lost my black joy last year and got this replacement one in Cardiff July 2013.

What else do you want to know?
(about the Lamy’s that is…. I am not going to start talking about the Kaweco!?


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