Exciting parcels today!

October 22, 2013 | 3 Comments

First: one of my lovely blog followers, Zoya, posted a copy of the latest Artist and Illustrators (a UK magazine which is not that common on the shelf down here) in which I wrote an article on sketching architectre.

Pop over to my sketching architecture blog to see the article in full. This article is a good summary of some of the things we will be looking at in my upcoming classes / workshop in November in the Rocks. If you missed that…more details here. Please email me if you are interested.

BTW I also wrote an article on sketching food which was in the June issue. I never got a copy and with going overseas etc etc forgot to look out for it. Thankful to Jason in the UK for taking these photos for me.

And today I got some of the new Zeta sketchbooks by Stillman and Birn. The Zeta books are not yet on the shelf in Australia (that I am aware of) … anyway one of the books in the series has someones yellow tea cup and cosied pot on the label.

 It is somewhat amusing that my funny hand knitted tea cosy is now famous. Can’t wait to start using this book and am looking forward to a change in format – spiral bound.

It is always VERY exciting to hold a new blank sketchbook in your hand… what will the book hold, what will be sketched within its pages? So you can imagine how much more exciting it is to have one of your own sketches on the cover and in a way it makes me connect with all those people who will buy the book and fill it with their sketches. A very special thought!


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