Europe09: Day 14 - Edinburgh

November 20, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

From Glasgow to Edinburgh day – my third Old Country Roses breakfast! Although only an hour drive I really hit the wall this day and felt too exhausted – even to sketch. I had been going flat out for 2 weeks at this point.

I didn’t finish my sketch of Moray Place- now that is unusual! But having said that, I was enjoying walking through the New Town – sometime that I have not done in my previous 2 visits to Edinburgh.

I then met up with my dear friend and sketching buddy Eza and didn’t sketch the bowl of soup I had for lunch!

After lunch I went for a walk and sat and sketched the castle – after all that is what one HAS to do first day in Edinburgh.

The darkness of the rock that the castle is built on must have made an impact on me. This sketch now reminds me of how the first visit to Edinburgh in 2000 – after driving up through England and visit small quaint villages, I initially found the city almost oppressive – the tall building too dark and dirty and stone and that it took me half a day to get used to it. No so this trip – I just totally fell in love with this amazing city!

Must be time for a cup of tea? Well, in for a treat! This was the most amazing tearoom – the best of my trip. Amazing tea, great random cups and lovely atmosphere. Like a girly T2! Can you tell I was in my element.

In the afternoon, I meet up with Eza – sketching while I was waiting (the exhausted phase had come and gone – after a tearoom like that…!) This was an important moment for me – made a mess of the sketch but realised a great method (for me) for quick drawing of buildings – start at the largest divisions and work down – that way it is actually quite ‘easy’ to get the spacing of the smaller details accurate. Fairly obvious… But often light bulb moments are.

Getting excited about the next day in my trip – yet another Urban Sketcher to meet and hoping to go back to that tearoom again… Plus meeting a famous Scottish knitting guru!

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