Sydney Sketchcrawl

November 21, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

A great day with a good group of people – the biggest sketchcrawl I have been on!
Hot day – we spent the morning in the botanic gardens (my favourite place being the cactus garden) and trying to find an architectural subject. Lovely lunch passing sketchbooks around and general sketch chatting.
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_1
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_2
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_3
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_4
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_5
Sydney Sketchcrawl 25 Group
Sydney Sketchcrawl 25 Cactus Garden
Sydney Sketchcrawl 25 Sketches
In the afternoon the die hard sketchers went back to the Art Gallery to sketch an amazing installation work – two rooms constructed around two equestrian sculptures – not sure if my sketches explain it….
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_6
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_7
091121 Sketchcrawl 25_8
Sydney Sketchcrawl 25 War and Peace Sketchers
Sydney Sketchcrawl 25 War and Peace

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