Europe09: Day 13 - More Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Wil Freeborn

November 19, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Day 13: Excited today as I was going to meet a fellow urban sketcher correspondence – Wil Freeborn… but first….

I was rather distressed at my poor cups the night before so I was determined to do a decent one at breakfast


A brisk walk into town – I left myself a bit of extra time so that I could do a warm up sketch before meeting Wil. So a quick sketch of another Mackintosh building – this time the School of Art – this is the 3rd or 4th time I have visited it – once I did the tour. Sometimes my cartridge paper reminds me that I am not using watercolour paper – and perhaps I should!

Met Wil outside another Mack building and was able to do another quick sketch. Willow Tea room got in the Top 50 tearooms but was crowded and the interesting space of the atrium was closed – so we decided to go elsewhere. Was so AMAZING to see Wil’s sketchbook in real life – they are totally amazing! Plus we had lots of fun sketch chatting!

Next we went to one of his favourite places to sketch – and it just so happened to be another Mackintosh building (though I didn’t sketch the building itself) Hey, I managed a lot of CRM in a short period! Didn’t realise this before. The lookout tower has sensation views of Glasgow – so we sat in the comfort of a glazed observation desk (out of the wind!) and sketched. I was afraid of over working mine as I was doing a far bit of talking at the time and not 100% concentrating on what I was doing….

Wil’s wonderful completed sketch is here (coloured added later so unfortunately I didn’t see it in real life)

Thanks for a great morning Wil! Hope to be able to catch up again next time I am in Scotland.


It is so inspiring to meet other artists… My hand and pen just wouldn’t stop – even when trying to have a quick lunch and make tracks…

I REALLY wanted to do a sketch of Greek Thomson’s St Vincent St church – my only option of doing this was a sub-5 min sketch as I walked past – so time for my Pentel Pocket Brush!

One of my very dear friends from Inverness was heading to northern England for holidays and would be back in time for me to see them in Inverness. So we organised to meet as they travelled down in the carpark of the the William Wallace monument. REALLY quick sketch which I splashed colour onto when I got back to my room.

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