Europe09: Day 12 - Kelvingrove, Glasgow

November 18, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

In Glasgow – stayed in an amazing B&B which used Old Country Roses for breakfast – isn’t that amazing! Of course I just HAD to draw it!


The B&B is called The Flower House.

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to sketch it.

It is hard as an architect to be in Glasgow and not feel obliged to visit as many Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings as possible. As I was meeting a friend for lunch at Glasgow Uni I decided to re-visit the replica of his house attached to the Hunterian art Gallery within the University.

Not particularly happy with these sketches but I seem to recall that I was feeling tired and worn at the time and wanted to sit down! Sketching standing up is hard work at times.

Was extremely windy and I didn’t feel like drawing the extreme perspective of the main building – so I abstract an elevation. Not at all accurate but it was fun.

Day12_05 Main Gate and Kelvingrove
Had lunch with a friend and didn’t sketch my meal! After over a week of mainly being on my own, I am obviously enjoying catching up too much! Why do I always attempt difficult architectural subjects? I thought doing an elevation of just one bay was achievable in the short time that I had… But I was really wanting to go and sketch the outside of the building.

I only had about 30 minutes- furious sketching and then splashing of colour… Love this building and the red sandstone of Glasgow. Wish I had had more time to sketch it more slowly and the other side. Apparently the architect committed suicide when he realised that the building had been built back to front. The more fancy side is around the back.

Here is the photo taken at the time.

Visiting friends for dinner (been a long day)…as much as I love drawing teacups (and special ones at that!) it was very hard for me to perform on demand and while continue to chat or simply listen to the conversation. Nevertheless it is a record of a lovely evening and I am posting it!

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