Cross Hatching: Perfect for when I don't think I have time

November 27, 2015 | Leave your thoughts


I’m having a very busy week working on a huge blogging project that is taking a lot of my time and creative energy. It is mainly writing and photography at the moment and despite the fact that I did some watercolour testing yesterday, I don’t really feel in the mood for doing my own painting – well except for my daily morning coffee! I always seem to say “I’m not doing much sketching but…”

Anyway, what I am finding this week is that during the day I don’t think I have time to do an ink and wash sketch so instead have done a few plain ink drawings.

Those of you who read and carefully observe the pages I have shared in my Everyday Pages posts might have noticed that I got more than one pen (Pilot Falcon) in my recent box from Goulet Pens. I also got a TWSBI Eco which I love (VERY nice pen) but have had a few comfort issues with it (doesn’t feel perfect in my hand). I have been persevering with it and the more I use it, the better it flows and the easier it is to use.

So as a result of this new pen and the perceived lack of time I have ended up with a few cross-hatched sketches this week in my book – the full extent will be revealed on Monday.

The funny thing about doing a cross-hatched sketch is that I end up spending more time working on the values a little later on, so the final image ends up taking the same amount of time as I would have needed to complete an ink and wash sketch on location. But I tell myself I have enough time to start (‘just do a simple outline”) and then things progress. The really important thing is the starting,  and the process of doing will soon take over!

So this sketch from Wednesday started with the idea of a simple silhouette of the roof line of Mosman Gallery that I could see from my car. The reason for this sketch was recording the excitement of exploring a new part of the suburb as a result of my physio moving locations.  I ended up doing much more to this sketch than I initially planned (a whole scene rather than a simple outline) so am greatly satisfied that I managed to record this story in my day.

So much for a short blog post! (and oh! before you ask me… more about the Eco soon!)

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