Recent coloured pencil sketches on toned (or cream) paper

March 24, 2023 | 4 Comments

Because my coloured pencil sketch’n’walk drawings are so different from my normal sketching I thought it was time to put them all together in the one post. As discussed previously these are really quick sketches done at some point during my evening walk and I was standing up for most of them.

I have a small collection of 11 or 12 coloured pencils (see here) and I generally draw first using my Sailor de Mannen 55 degree nib.

I really enjoy doing these super quick sketches with rapid strokes and a limited palette!

It’s fun to push myself to work as fast as I can without any pressure. No waiting time (for paint to dry) is good too!

Lane Cove National Park looking down the main road

Local Catholic Church

Seeing how much I could do of this complex scene (Pacific Hwy) in 15 minutes!

Uniting Church

A very quick sketch looking down the highway

A different Uniting Church

Documenting the demolition of the local Coles supermarket.

Catholic church on toned paper

Really quick sketch of a tree just as it started to rain.

I always find it fascinating to see how much my style and mark-making carries across various media.


  • Janet Bower says:

    What size are these sketches please?

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Janet – They are done in A5 books – the grey and tones are spiral bound A5, the cream is smaller than A5 hardbound books and I’m sketching across the spread – similar in size to a Moleskine

  • David Campbell says:

    Your foliage edges are a dead giveaway… the medium may change but the guiding hand never does! I’m looking forward to trying some sketches like this as soon as our Chicago weather gets a bit more ‘walkable’

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