Starting a new sketch & walk routine

January 20, 2023 | 6 Comments

Last week I decided to start a new sketch & walk routine. I put together a mini-kit of a few coloured pencils and then grabbed a spiral Strathmore Toned Tan book. The idea is to do a really quick sketch standing up during my daily walk. The goal of the walk is exercise, so any pause for sketching has to be as short as possible.

On Monday I went to Lane Cove National Park and suddenly realised that this isn’t really a new idea at all! I’m simply returning to a routine I had in 2021 when I visited the park every workday for 10 weeks (or more) and did quick sketches in a Greenwood Journal.

For a reminder – here is an example of the type of sketches I was doing – mixing watercolour pencils with Copic Markers. See more here.

This time around I’m using coloured pencils (for now) and toned paper with the goal of collaging these sketches into my everyday sketchbook. Currently, I only have 10 pencils in my kit so I have to be creative with my use of colours.

And here is the sketchbook spread that that sketch was added to.

Ah! so many fun ideas to try in my everyday sketching!


  • Susanna says:

    I’m always inspired by seeing the ways you experiment and “mix it up”! I have found that change in routine or a personal “challenge” can rekindle my inspiration and energy when the rest of life has crowded out time for sketching.

    After barely opening my sketchbook during the holidays, I began a 5×8″ spiral sketchbook on New Year’s Day with the goal of doing something on a page each day for as long as I can (so far, haven’t missed a day). No pressure to do a “good” sketch, just get something, anything on the page. Yesterday, all I could manage was a few minutes doing 15 second blind contour drawings of a glass bottle. I used gel pens, changing colors after every 3-4 contours. I ended up with a very fun page in less than 5 minutes!

  • Patricia Wafer says:

    Great idea!! Often it is the quick sketch of a 1st impression that is the most exciting. I’m gonna try this once it warms up w bit. It is winter in Wisconsin!

  • Jamie C says:

    Those pencils are so vibrant on the toned paper. What a great idea to still get an exercise walk, but be able to do a quick sketch, too. I may have figure try that during my own afternoon walks.

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