End of Year City Break: Part 1

December 18, 2019 | Leave your thoughts

This week I’m staying in a new hotel in the CBD as I’m doing a big end of year review and planning for 2020. I’m also doing some sketching and exploring the best cafes in town. I have the slightest possible harbour view from my room and I feel as if I’m looking at a doll’s house with all the empty furniture in the building next to me.

In January I spent two nights doing a similar thing, but four nights (five days) gives me more time to think, review and plan and also some spare time so that I can sketch. In addition, the last work week of the year is better than mid January for starting the new year with a clear action plan. So I’m really happy with my decision to have a city break this week!

(By the way… CBD = Central Business District = Australian for downtown)

I’m also starting a new project: drawing everything I eat for a month. So most of my sketches have been food related this week.

Here are some of my sketches from Monday and Tuesday.

Note: These were all done in a Hahnemuhle Watercolour sketchbook. Changing paper again!


A quick rough packing list

Lunch at a favourite cafe in The Rocks – The Fine Food Store.

Susannah Place Museum

I was quite pleased with the looseness of this sketch,

Afternoon tea at my favourite tearoom in Sydney – The Tea Cosy.

The Tea Cosy has recently relocated and there are some fun sketchable views – this is of the ASN Building. In this sketch I was testing the performance of the paper with respect to some layering.

The single line part of this sketch is of a big cruise ship in the background. It was The Ovation of the Seas, just back from its tragic journey to NZ. I didn’t realise at the time which ship it was, but now I have a record of the horrific events at White Island in my book. My heart goes out to the family and friends of those affected.


Breakfast at The Grounds of the City

Close up of my baked eggs! Yum! This was the first pass before I started eating (the meal was still hot) and I decided to leave it as it was.

After a few hours of work I ended up at another top cafe in Sydney – RegimentCBD – recommended by the owner of Goodfields (my local cafe). It was very busy and crowded but I got a spot in the corner.

More work… and then lunch. Sushi in the Botanic Gardens.

After an afternoon working in my hotel room, I headed outside at 5pm to do a few crazy sketches of the SOH (Sydney Opera House).

And another one.

Click on this to view larger.

And then I finished off the day with an early dinner at Chat Thai – a very quick loose sketch of my Pad Thai.

Click here for City Break Part 2 with even more sketches!

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