Sketching Architecture Tips: The Garrison Church

December 20, 2019 | 7 Comments

This is a quick simple sketch which explains a lot of my approach to sketching architecture. It’s amazing how many thoughts I had while I was doing this!

Here are a few tips about the way I worked:

  • started with big shapes and structure
  • made sure I drew extra lines to allow for the thicknesses and depths of the various elements
  • was careful how much of the details and stone work I did in ink
  • left white spaces and applied lively washes
  • was careful to ground the building and observe the angles of the road.
  • made a number of mistakes but just kept going.

Note: I sat straight on to the building to make this sketch easy. Sure it’s not as exciting as an oblique view but if you are a beginner it’s important to walk before you run – to develop a disciplined approach so that you feel comfortable drawing solid looking buildings before adding the extra layer of perspective to it. To make the sketch more interesting I included some context

Ah! It feels great to be sketching buildings again. I’m really looking forward to revisiting the SketchingNow Buildings concepts in the new year and creating some new videos (more advanced concepts and extra demos!)


  • Stover Sharon says:

    Merry Christmas Liz! May your Holiday be filled with joy! Thank you for sharing with us these lessons. Your talent and hard work is benefiting to us all.

  • Joanne kalvaitis says:

    I love seeing and being with family and friends, but this year I can hardly wait until the holiday is over so can start the Buildings course!

    Thanks Liz, for offering the course and for all the other work you do towards helping us be better sketchers.

    Happy holidays

  • Eve Ottavino says:

    Hi Liz.
    I love the idea that you took a working holiday in your your own city! I should try that in New York. Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all your inspiration.

  • Justin Moffatt says:

    I’m the minister of this church. Lovely sketch. Thank you.

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