Manly visit, cafe sketching and a little Baroque

May 7, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to post these…

I am working on a commission for a beautiful building in the UK with very fancy interiors. As I am working from photos I am trying to find ways to connect as much as possible with the place. Even though you don’t really see the details of the mouldings and balustrades in the final sketch I studied the detailed CAD drawings and drew the details so I got to know them as well as I could.

And my wonderful father… made me a unique lightbox out of bits and pieces in his shed. Due to my neck issues I wanted it to be sloped – this angled allowed for the largest light fitting to fit in the back. We are also thinking about tubes down the side- but this works perfectly.

I do still do my ‘text pages’ but rarely post them. This was just a loose floral sketch done later.

Loosening my hand before doing a ‘neat’ A3 size painting. Although some of you might groan at the sameness of my subject matter – it IS good to have a something that you can use for this type of warm up… and I am experimenting and doing it differently every time!

Another inkless tea sketch. BTW I really like the shadow in the cup (this has something to do with my desire to have a violet in my palette)

Love this building in Manly… trying to think of a way I can get the class to sketch it! Perspective 101? perhaps not!

I seriously had no idea of the time….

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